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Consultations and development of projects for funding under European programmes


We provide expert support for obtaining grant funding under various national and centralized European funds and programmes. Our consulting company conducts legal, environmental and technical analyses of the project proposal and its chances of success under the different European programmes.

Legal and business


We offer a wide range of legal and business advice - from ESG (environmental, social and governance) services, through procedures for issuing certificates for investment projects in different classes, to the administration of reports under the Whistleblowing directive. As one of the leading consulting companies, New I JSC can also assist you in cases related to the Public Procurement Act, construction of renewable energy plants, development of strategic documents, etc. We also offer wide-ranging business consulting to optimize different work processes.

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New I

New I JSC is a leading consulting company in Bulgaria, providing services in the field of management and project consulting since 1995. Among the other consulting companies in Sofia, we stand out with extensive experience in providing specialized services for various interested parties - businesses, public organisations (municipalities, ministries, regulatory agencies, etc.) and non-governmental organisations and have accumulated extensive expertise in structuring integrated project proposals that match the needs of each client and partner. Over the years, we have managed to build a strong and well-prepared expert team, consisting of specialists with different experiences and qualifications, thanks to which we can cover every stage and aspect of the preparation and management of various types of European projects.

Customer reviews

  • Husein Yemendzhiev
    We from "ENOVA H20" Ltd. would like to express our gratitude to the team of the company "New I" JSC for the professional attitude, competence and quality when it comes to consulting service and especially during the preparation of a project proposal under the procedure that supports start-up enterprises, under the program "Business Development, Innovations and SMEs", within the framework of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in the 2022 year.
    Husein Yemendzhiev
    "ENOVA H20" Ltd
  • Alexandra Velkova
    We from "Atlas Agro Science" Ltd would like to express our satisfaction with the work with the company "New I" JSC consultants. We are very thankful for preparing the project management of procedure that supports start-up enterprises, under the "Business Development, Innovations and SMEs" program within the framework of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
    Alexandra Velkova
    "Atlas Agro Science" Ltd

Current European programmes

Here you can find the current and upcoming European programs on which our consultants can assist you during the preparation, application and implementation of European projects.