Our experts have diverse experience in legal consulting and improving various management processes.

We can assist you in resolving a wide range of legal cases, complying with administrative requirements and meeting business needs.


Legal and business consultations

Public procurement, Industrial parks, Concessions

Legal consultations under the Public Procurement Act, the Industrial Parks Act and the Concessions Act;
Our legal experts can provide you with a wide range of legal consultations under the Public Procurement Act and different Decrees of the Council of Ministers, both when you need to award a public procurement contract and at all stages of your application in contractor selection procedures.
We can help you in the process of planning, finding sources of funding, and with different administrative procedures for the registration and construction of industrial parks. We have experience in facilitating various forms of public-private partnership, being able to assist you in procedures for determining a concessionaire, preparing concession analyses, etc.

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Legal and business consultations

Investment Class Certificates

We provide a complex legal service in procedures for issuing certificates for investment classes under the Bulgarian Investment Promotion Act;
We are ready to assist you if you wish to be granted a certificate for investment class/priority investment project to obtain various reliefs, privileges and incentives for your business. We can provide you with comprehensive legal advice in performing an analysis of your project's compliance with certification requirements, determining the appropriate investment class to apply for, and submitting an application and supporting documentation.

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Legal and business consultations

Renewable energy power plants, Solar (photovoltaic) power plants

Legal assistance in the construction and registration of power plants from Renewable energy sources, including Solar (photovoltaic) power plants - for own use or commercial purposes;
We assist clients in all legal and administrative procedures related to the construction of RES/Photovoltaic power plants for sale or for their own needs - applying to the Electricity distribution companies, issuing a building permit, preparing a preliminary contract for connection to the electricity network, etc. We can also direct you to our partners (financial consultants, EPC contractors, etc.) to assist you in building your RES/Photovoltaic power plant.

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Legal and business consultations

GDPR Consulting

We provide GDPR consultations in order for you to achieve compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act. We offer legal advice, drafting/updating the necessary privacy policies, forms, declarations, etc.

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Legal and business consultations

Management of Resources from European Funds under Shared Management Act (formerly the Management of Resources from the European Structural and Investment Funds Act)

Assistance in appealing against financial corrections under the Management of Resources from European Funds under Shared Management Act;
We offer assistance in analysing the factual and legal situation that led to the imposition of financial corrections for the partial or complete cancellation of financial support (funding) provided by European funds or for the reduction of the amount of spent costs - the eligible costs per project. We assess the chances of success and prepare a structured argumentation/opinion when appealing against the acts imposing financial corrections.

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Legal and business consultations

Whistleblowing Directive

Consultations and external administration of whistleblowing signals concerning the Whistleblowing Directive and the forthcoming Protection of Whistleblowers Publicly Disclosing Information on Violations Act;
Our team is closely monitoring the forthcoming law, regarding the transposition of the so-called Whistleblowing Directive, as well as the European best practices in this area and can help you prepare for its requirements, by performing an analysis of the applicability of the law to your business, creating a channel for internal reporting, creating and maintaining a register of received signals, etc.
For your convenience, we also offer a complex service "External administration of signals", where we take care of all issues related to the fulfilment of the requirements of the law.

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Legal and business consultations

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) consulting;
We offer business consulting in the field of ESG business management. We can assist you in preparing your company's strategic plan, an annual sustainability report (non-financial report) about the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and tracking progress towards targets set against adopted standards. We offer opportunities for improvements and practical solutions for your organization to achieve compliance with ESG criteria for a sustainable, socially responsible and fair business.

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Legal and business consultations

Impact assessments

Development and evaluation of the implementation of strategic documents, carrying out impact assessments of policies and regulations;
Our expertise in conducting policy impact assessments, legal analyses of regulatory frameworks and developing strategic and internal regulations stems from our solid experience in this field, gained during our work with a variety of government institutions.

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Legal and business consultations

Analyses and strategies

Analysis and optimization of work processes and communication flow in the organization, Development of strategies for organizational development, and Preparation of functional analyses;
Our company has many years of experience in analysing functional processes and dependencies in various organizations, both from the state administration and from the business sector. We can provide you with business consulting at a competitive price if you need to optimize your work processes, communication channels and strategies for development and growth.

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Legal and business consultations

Non-grant funding

Identification of the optimal solution for financing your business activities - financial instruments, loans, venture and equity financing;
Our team has experience in determining the best way to finance your business, in line with its current ideas and development concepts. In addition to our services related to applying for grant funding under various European programmes, which you can get familiar with in the other section of our website, we also offer consultations regarding the optimal financing option for your business through equity and venture capital financing, loans and financial instruments, including from some of the most promising capital funds in Sofia. Our strong partnerships with leading organizations from the financial sector can be of great benefit to your business.

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Legal and business consultations

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Frequently asked questions

What can I do if a financial correction is imposed on my project?
If the financial correction procedure has just started, it is very important that you exercise your statutory right to submit written objections to the merits and amount of the proposed financial correction and to present evidence where necessary. The effort and time spent at this stage can save you a lot of headaches and time in legal battles. If the procedure for determining a financial correction has been completed and an act for determining a financial correction has already been issued, you have the right to appeal to a court. We recommend that before you decide to litigate, you consult with an experienced professional to discuss the chances of success.
When will the Whistleblowing Directive become mandatory in Bulgaria?
European directives are legislative acts that set a specific goal that member states must achieve through appropriate national regulations. In this sense, Directive (EU) 2019/1937 - on the protection of whistleblowers for violations of Union law, will be transposed in Bulgaria through the forthcoming Protection of Whistleblowers Publicly Disclosing Information on Violations Act. The draft of this law was published for public consultation in April, and the deadline for submission of comments expired on May 23, 2022. The exact date on which the law will be adopted remains unknown, but the deadline for this has already expired at the end of 2021, which is why its adoption is expected very shortly.
How to build a Solar power plant?
Solar energy is becoming more and more attractive, both for own needs and for the purpose of selling the produced electricity. At the moment, the procedures are cumbersome and long, including various applications, preliminary contract with the Electricity distribution companies, technical design of the plant, building permit, etc. It is expected that some reliefs will be introduced in the near future if the plant is for own needs. For detailed information, expect our article in the Blog of the site. Regarding the available opportunities for free financing of Renewable energy power plants, check the current funding programmes on our website or in our social networks.
How are public procurement procedures awarded? How to participate in a public procurement (tender) procedure?
The process of awarding or applying in a public procurement procedure can often seem complicated and quite confusing. First of all, we should clarify that the various types of contractor selection procedures aim at a transparent and efficient use of some type of public resource. Depending on the origin of this resource and the category of contracting authority under which you fall, these procedures (often united for convenience under the term "public procurement") are regulated by various legal acts (Public Procurement Act, different Decrees of the Council of Ministers), apply different price thresholds to determine the type of procedure to be performed, etc. If you need help navigating the ocean of rules, you can contact us, both if you need to award a public contract and if you want to apply as a contractor.
What is a Bulgarian Investment Class Certificate and how can it help my business?
The issuance of an investment class certificate provides for a number of privileges, incentives and reliefs for investments in durable tangible and intangible assets and the related new jobs carried out on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The main types of privileges and reliefs are: tax reliefs; individual administrative service and shortened terms for administrative service under various laws (for example, faster issuance of a design visa, faster approval of investment projects, faster issuance of a fire safety certificate); sale of properties - private state or private municipal property, without auction or tender procedure at market or lower prices; financial support for building elements of the technical infrastructure; partial reimbursement of mandatory insurance contributions made by the investor at his expense, in his capacity of employer, etc. The certificates are issued for investment classes or for a priority investment projects in accordance with the Investment Promotion Act, respectively by the Minister of Economy (for investment class "A" and "B" and for a priority investment project) or by the mayor of the municipality (for an investment project of municipal importance).
What is GDPR and how to comply with its requirements?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the processing, storage and use of personal data of individuals by other persons, companies or organizations. Personal data means any type of information related to a natural person that allows for him to be identified. Such information is, for example, name, surname, address, social security number, email, ID card number, location, IP address, cookies, etc. The Regulation and the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act explicitly regulate the rules and grounds on which personal data is permitted to be processed and provide substantial fines for their violation. Therefore, it is mandatory for any business that processes personal data to have a privacy policy in place. Our experts can help you meet all the requirements of the applicable legislation!
What is ESG and what do I need to know about sustainability reports (non-financial reports)?
The so-called ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) business management is a relatively new concept, according to which companies must develop their activities sustainably and with the future in mind, and not just for the purpose of short-term growth. The three main pillars of this philosophy are environmental, social and corporate responsibility. Environmental factors include, for example, actions against climate change, harmful emissions and greenhouse gases. Social factors show how the company manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, which include labour standards, health and safety care, etc. Corporate governance refers to the qualities of company management, executive pay, audit and internal control procedures, management transparency, etc. Although the legislation in this sphere is still in its initial stage of development, there are already European acts aimed at laying the foundations for responsible and sustainable business development. Such a legal act is the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which expands both the scope of the non-financial information which should be reported and the range of obliged legal persons. This is the first bolder step towards establishing a common European framework for business sustainability. If you are in search for ESG consultations - we are at your service!

Customer reviews

  • Husein Yemendzhiev
    We from "ENOVA H20" Ltd. would like to express our gratitude to the team of the company "New I" JSC for the professional attitude, competence and quality when it comes to consulting service and especially during the preparation of a project proposal under the procedure that supports start-up enterprises, under the program "Business Development, Innovations and SMEs", within the framework of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in the 2022 year.
    Husein Yemendzhiev
    "ENOVA H20" Ltd
  • Alexandra Velkova
    We from "Atlas Agro Science" Ltd would like to express our satisfaction with the work with the company "New I" JSC consultants. We are very thankful for preparing the project management of procedure that supports start-up enterprises, under the "Business Development, Innovations and SMEs" program within the framework of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
    Alexandra Velkova
    "Atlas Agro Science" Ltd