he component is part of the "Connected Bulgaria" pillar and aims to build a modern and secure digital infrastructure, increase investments with high capacity and high cyber resilience, technological sovereignty and leadership in network and information security.

The component includes a total of three (3) reforms aimed at developing and implementing an effective political and regulatory framework, effective use of the radio frequency spectrum and creation of a favourable investment environment, and three (3) investments.

Investment "Large-scale deployment of digital infrastructure on the territory of Bulgaria" has a total of three specific, aimed at upgrading the unified electronic communication network (UECN) of the state administration and expanding the network to all 265 municipal centres; reducing the "digital divide" by supporting the construction of networks with very high capacity in sparsely populated and rural areas; and providing ultra-high-speed connectivity and building access nodes with the ability to interconnect between local, transit or Tier-1 providers.

  • The beneficiary of the program is the Ministry of e-Government under activity 1 and the Ministry of Transport and Communications under activities 2 and 3;
  • The project's indicative resource is BGN 527 million without VAT, with a source of financing from the Recovery and Sustainability Fund.

Investment "Construction, development and optimisation of the digital TETRA system and radio relay network managed by the Ministry of the Interior", in which the TETRA system of the Ministry of the Interior will be used as a single radio communication system to provide a communication environment for management, interaction and coordination in the Ministry of the Interior. Potential users of the system can be all state institutions, as well as structures with commitments to prevent crises, accidents, disasters and issues related to national security.

  • The beneficiary of the program is the "Communication and Information Systems" Directorate - Ministry of the Interior;
  • The project's indicative resource is BGN 149 million, of which BGN 124 million is financed by the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism and BGN 24 million is financed by the state budget.

Investment "Digital transformation of Bulgarian Post and provision of complex services", aims to modernise and digitise all critical business and operational processes of Bulgarian Post, and to unlock the possibility of providing new value-added services, including one-stop administrative services, closer to the population in rural areas.

  • The beneficiary of the program is Bulgarian Post Ltd.
  • The project's indicative resource is BGN 101 million without VAT with a source of funding from the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism.

You can find updated information about the individual programs for funding under Component 7 of the NPVU here in the "Current European Programs" section.