European Innovation Fund – Bulgarian companies can receive up to 4.5 million euros for low-carbon technology projects

The Innovation Fund is one of the largest instruments for financing low-carbon technologies in Europe. It finances projects aimed at implementing innovative technological solutions to accelerate the decarbonisation of the EU and support the transition to clean energy. The Innovation Fund supports a wide range of activities divided into different sub-categories, including renewable energy technologies, energy storage and innovation in energy and carbon-intensive industries.

Opportunities for financing “green” investments under the “LIFE” program

LIFE is one of the European Union's main financial instruments that is connected to the environment and climate action. The program supports projects in four main sub-programmes with an independent budget - "Circular economy and quality of life", "Mitigation of climate change and adaptation to its consequences", "Transition to clean energy" and "Nature and biodiversity". The budget for the program has been increased by 60% compared to the previous period, in the context of the transition to climate neutrality and the achievement of the goals set in the European Green Deal.

The direction is green transition and digital transformation

The challenges and opportunities facing the Bulgarian business through the eyes of "New I". The article explores the answers regarding the forecast of the development of the consulting business that is related to the European projects in Bulgaria; recommendations to businesses that are full of ideas but are hesitant to implement them due to the economic situation; which companies face a crisis in the green transition and digital transformation; and other topical issues.

Bill for the protection of whistleblowers or publicly disclosing information about violations

On 21.04.2022, a new bill was announced for public consultation, prepared to introduce the requirements of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of whistleblowers Union law. The main aspects of the new bill are discussed in detail in this article by Kostadin Maslenishki - a legal consultant from the “New I” JSC team.

The “EIC AI” platform

The platform explores all funding sources in one place and provides free diagnostics of project ideas. It consists of three modules: "Discovery", "Diagnostic", and "Design" - "Discovery" prepares a list of the most suitable programs for financing the concept, and "Diagnostic" evaluates the technical and market readiness of innovative project ideas. Through the third module, applications are made for the European Accelerator program, which supports the development and commercialisation of high-risk innovations with the potential to create and/or transform markets in Europe and the world in need of significant funding over a long period before they start generating returnability.

“Innovation Norway” programe

Presentation of financing opportunities to start-ups in Bulgaria under the "Innovation Norway" program. The Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021. accepts project proposals under the call "Support for start-ups". The program finances start-ups with concepts for developing "green" products/technologies/services, and solutions related to improving the quality of life of the elderly or people with disabilities.
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