The EU Innovation Fund: Investing in a Sustainable Future

Human development has always been fueled by innovation, and the European Union is dedicated to using this drive to create a more sustainable future. One excellent […]

Funding “Green projects” under the LIFE programme

LIFE is a funding programme set up by the European Union to support environment and climate projects across the EU. Since its launch in 1992, LIFE […]

Horizon Europe

You are an explorer, innovator or entrepreneur who wants to turn your ideas into reality and change the world. Don’t hesitate to explore the Horizon programme, […]

A new grant scheme for grant funding for energy efficiency

Against the background of the rising prices of energy carriers, the uncertainty of gas supplies and the increased demand for alternatives, the Ministry of Energy announced a procedure for free financing of energy efficiency measures in enterprises. The purpose of the procedure is to increase the efficiency of industrial processes in production and, accordingly, the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises in the long term.

Awaiting record European funding

The European funds are allocated according to priorities in nine programs for the period 2021-2027, financed by the European structures and investment funds, as well as 57 investments and 47 reforms laid down in the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan (NRSP) until 2026. The record funding amounting to more than 25 billion euros requires that the funds be utilized in the most expedient, efficient and synergistic way in the areas of greatest need.

European funds for Bulgarian business

In this and the following years, numerous opportunities for targeted financial support of businesses are opening up. "New I" summarises the most anticipated among them in an article for Economy magazine.
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