Public sector

The activity of the administration is largely related to the implementation of national and regional strategic documents in different sectors. In order to perform their activities, State institutions use funding from the State budget, but also from other sources, such as the World Bank, bilateral agreements, operational programs, other Community programs, technical assistance, etc.

New I JSC has accumulated expertise and validated tools for:

  • development of analyses for the purposes of strategic planning
  • development of action plans, roadmaps and programs to strategic documents
  • mechanisms for monitoring and control of the implementation
  • ex-ante, interim and ex-post assessments of strategic documents
  • ex-ante and ex-post of strategies and regulations
  • functional analyses
  • analysis of the regulatory framework and business processes aiming their optimization
  • preparation of investment programs
  • development and implementation of systems for organizational excellence

Private sector

SMEs and large companies have access to grants to co-finance their investment programs in the areas of:

  • increasing their production capacity and improvement of their production processes
  • improvement of energy and resource efficiency
  • implementation of innovative processes, products, services and management systems
  • staff management, improvement of its professional qualification and implementation of safety measures
  • cooperation with scientific organizations and organizations from other European countries aiming the study of the opportunities for applying research and development products in their business