• “New-I” JSC is a consulting company providing services since 1995 in the field of project and management consulting.
  • Our main experience and expertise are in implementing projects to provide technical assistance to the structures of public administration at local, regional and central level and consulting services to businesses for access to public funding.
  • Our mission is to identify and implement sustainable solutions for our customers.We believe that we can be responsible in the attraction and management of European structural and investment funds and other donor programs as well as in the development of projects to contribute to the prosperity of our clients and partners.


It is important for us to:

  • Identify the relevant source of funding
  • Assess and communicate to the client the possible risks
  • Find the optimal solution and structure the project as regards to the client’s needs
  • Support the client in the lawful and effective implementation of the project
  • Set the focus on results and impact
  • Take account of the current process and subsequent monitoring



Our team consists of experts in the field of business development, management and human resources development, project consulting, preparation and management of projects under different programs and donor funding instruments.

Our specific experience includes:

  • Participation in the development of UMIS 2020
  • Piloting the methodology for impact assessment in Bulgaria
  • Participation in the development of Uniform methodology for the application of functional analysis in State administration
  • Participation in the preparation of SIBILA – macroeconomic model to assess the impact of funding from the Structural and Cohesion Funds
  • Participation in the Preliminary assessment of the applicability of financial instruments OPIC 2014-2020
  • Development and management of more than 100 projects under OPAC, OPHRD, OPDCBE, OPRD, OPRD, NIF, the Norwegian Programme, FM of the EIF


“New-I” JSC is member of
the Bulgarian Association
of Consultants in European Programs