Services for the business

  • Identification of the optimal grant scheme for funding as well as the opportunities for credit/ risk/ equity financing to the needs of the client.
  • Management of the already approved project with a view to its effective and lawful implementation, according to the rules of the funding program.
  • Development of project proposals for receiving a grant.
  • Provision of consulting assistance in the preparation and conduction of tender procedures for the selection of contractors; preparation of the necessary interim and final reports on the project, provision of the overall assistance in the project’s implementation process.


Services for the public sector

  • Preparation of analyzes and studies related to project preparation for a grant (feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, etc.).
  • Filling in the application form and the other required supporting documents.
  • Analysis and consultation about the funding opportunities.
  • Provision of consulting assistance in the preparation of tender documents for the selection of subcontractors and suppliers for the project according to the applicable regulations and requirements of the relevant program.


Management consulting

  • Provision of consultancy for the optimization of administrative structures at national, regional and local level, improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness in their operations through the application of functional analysis.
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes and communication flows in the organization.
  • Analysis of the training needs of the organization’s staff.
  • Development and implementation of specialized training programs.
  • Elaboration of strategies for organizational development.
  • Preparation of strategic documents in the field of regional development.
  • Making impact assessments of policies and regulations.
  • Making risk assessment of corruption in the public sector.


  • Legal analysis of the admissibility, study of the interconnection and determination of the category of applicant enterprise, making of a survey on the received State and minimum aid.
  • Provision of competent legal expertise on all legal aspects of project structuring and management.
  • Preparation of legal opinions, consultations and documents about the related to the successful preparation, implementation and reporting of the project administrative and judicial procedures (in different areas of law).
  • Preparation of documentation, contracts, agreements, wills and other unilateral documents in procedures under the Public Procurement Act and in case of selection of contractors by grant beneficiaries.
  • Analyzes of the regulatory framework, preparation of projects of administrative (including individual, internal, legal) acts, development of analyzes of various administrative structures.